Our Mission

Justice Now partners with people in women's prisons, in communities impacted by imprisonment to promote human rights and social justice.  We are working towards a safe, compassionate society that invests in strong communities, not prisons and policing.


  • Justice Now worked with ACLU and Planned Parenthood to write and support SB 1433, a bill currently on the Governor’s desk that expands access to contraception in state prisons.

  • We forged deeper connections than ever with anti-prison and/or reproductive justice ally organizations Critical Resistance; Californians United for a Responsible Budget; Black Lives Matter; Transgender, Gender-variant, Intersex Justice Project; California Coalition for Women Prisoners; and Access Women’s Health Justice. Through this work we helped convince the state to conduct an audit to investigate the devastating suicides at California Institution for Women.

  • Following the enactment of our Anti-Sterilization Abuse Bill in 2015, we have continued to investigate the sterilizations of people inside all across CA. By holding county jails accountable to the new law, Justice Now is expanding the fight against reproductive coercion in detention beyond state prisons.

  • Intern Monica Valencia translated several of our medical resources into Spanish in response to calls from people inside.

  • Co-Director Misty Rojo contributed to a federal level policy brief giving recommendations about reproductive care for people inside women’s prisons across the country.

  • We received and responded to over 100 requests from all over the country for copies of our LAW Project chapter on Reproductive Health Care inside prison.

  • Intern Adrianna Mee completed a thesis documenting the lived experience of people navigating compassionate release, a topic previously neglected by the free world.